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Hello peers!

Technology for Living is getting ready for the 9th Simon Cox Student Design Competition. This competition is designed around you, the peers. And as such we want to hear from you.

How is this competition designed around the peers:
Is there some problem in your daily life that you have come across and thought: “There should be a technical solution for this!” Are there spaces or conditions in your home that are currently not accessible to you, and you believe: “Someone should design a solution for this!” Any assistive technology that springs to mind that could improve your daily home life?

Contact us and we will try to set you up with a participating student team to work on your project to bring a little more independence to your life.

Fill out the form in the PEER section!
Or send us a message via the CONTACT form.

Should there be more peer suggestions than student teams, there is a chance that our biomeds with our Technology for Independent Living (TIL) program may move forward with your idea as part of the YES Project.

And feel free to check out what TIL can do for you at technologyforliving.org

The Simon Cox Student Design Competition 2023 has come to an inspiring completion!

It began in Sepember 2022 and the winning awards were announced in a Gala  event at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre in Vancouver, Canada on April 29, 2023. Check out the video to find out what this year’s competition had to offer. Visit this page if you are a peer with an idea for next year. And if you are a student/s go here to participate in next year’s even bigger competition!

The Simon Cox Student Design Competition begins with an idea for a new piece of assistive technology. A little bit more how the competition is run. Either student participants or a person living with a disability (peer) has an idea for a project. The Technology for Independent Living (TIL) program will facilitate a meeting of both groups to establish teams. These teams will work together to bring the idea to life within the timespan of the competition.

The competition culminates in showcasing these creative and assistive technology design solutions that facilitate greater independence in the home for people with physical disabilities. The judges are looking for innovations that can create positive, practical solutions to overcome barriers in the home. They will also evaluate the craftsmanship of the working models and the quality of the presentation in order to establish the most successful entries. 

Past winners have continued on to become leaders in the field of assistive technology. Teams explain their project ideas with a video or a live presentation on the final day of this year’s competition, for a chance to win the prize money available for top presenters.

The instructors and their students from technical colleges and undergraduate programs across BC, are representing a wide variety of disciplines including biomedical engineering, architecture, and design.

Bio-meds working with the ‘Technology for Independent Living’ (TIL) program, can offer a wealth of experience that can be accessed by participants throughout the competition.

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